Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science

Master i Familiedyrsvidenskab programmet er et universitetsbaseret efteruddannelsesprogram målrettet dyrlæger med minimum 2 års fokuseret erfaring fra familiedyrspraksis.


New Master in Companion Animal Surgery

Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science (Surgery) 

A new post-graduate Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science programme dedicated to surgery has been offered from Spring 2022 in collaboration between AniCura AB and the University of Copenhagen.

March 1, 2022 the University of Copenhagen opened admission to the new surgery focused post-graduate Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science education. It is a 3-year programme consisting of nine course modules and a Master's thesis.

Next enrolment and course start is primo 2024.

The programme is taught by highly qualified national and international faculty and specialists in the field of companion animal surgery. There is a strong emphasis on practical wet labs and case-based approaches applicable for direct implementation in specialised companion animal practice

Surgery modules included:

Veterinary Methodology and Paraclinical Skills

Companion Animal Surgery – Good Surgical Practice

Companion Animal Surgery – Soft Tissue Surgery I

Companion Animal Surgery –Orthopedics I

Companion Animal Surgery –Orthopedics II- Large joint surgery

Companion Animal Surgery –Soft Tissue Surgery II - Cancer Surgery

Companion Animal Surgery –Orthopedics II-Advanced Fracture and joint management

Companion Animal Surgery –Orthopedics III

Companion Animal Surgery –Neurosurgery

Masters project

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to approach and address both routine and more complex surgical problems in a highly reflective and structured problem-oriented manner based on analysis of collected data and information from the medical literature, resulting in clinical decision making and planning and execution of specialized diagnostic work up, procedures and therapeutic strategies at an advanced level.

After the first five modules, the title: European certificate, Companion Animal Surgery is obtained

After the full Master’s programme incl. passing all module exams and defending the master project thesis, the title Master in Companion Animal Clinical Science (Surgery) is obtained.

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